Today, we are reviewing a project that has already been introduced in our channel and has recently been translated into English. We are referring to Tethex, a well-known project in the sector managed by a powerful and respected administration that has brought happiness to many investors in the past. The website boasts high quality, with proprietary script and unique design. The plans are sustainable, incorporating the capital in the daily accruals, which approximately amount to 0.95% per working day, culminating at 200%. Currently, there are restrictions on the maximum deposit, and not all plans are open for investment, which indicates positive development prospects. Referral commissions start at 3% on the first line and increase in subsequent lines and percentages based on the structure’s turnover. Additionally, there are rewards for those who construct significant structures.

The project demonstrates intelligence in its structure, being well-conceived, sustainable, and simultaneously enticing with reward system for active leaders.
We have a talking CEO , the company hosts meetings, maintains physical offices in Dubai and Russia, and serves as the official sponsor of the AMC Fight Nights events. Tethex also offers an intriguing product, let’s say the dream of every crypto investor, they sell anonymous virtual cards compatible with Google Pay and Apple Pay.

In summary, Tethex is an exceptional project backed by a top-tier administration, equipped with all the necessary credentials to appeal to investors of various kinds. The website is of premium quality, the plans are meticulously devised for long-term success, and it encompasses all the appealing elements popular among leaders, such as communicative CEOs, notable sponsorships, physical offices, and documentation. We are still in the early stages, and in my view, it holds the potential to surprise us, as is customary with projects from this team.


💣 start 29 1 2024

🔘 0.91% – 1.05% daily (capital included)
🔻 min dep $100

🔺 min pay $10
🤝 ref 3% (career opportunity)
🔋 Tether


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