About Us

we are two investors with several years of experience in the crypto investment sector, whether it is trading bots, companies or hyips we are always looking for new earning opportunities that we regularly share with those who follow us. Incomegrowth is the union and the result of numerous collaborations, friendships and tireless research, we like to experiment and highlight projects that are out of the usual canons or that do not enjoy the deserved popularity and in some way we make a contribution to make the crypto investment sector better by selecting those that for us are the opportunities with the greatest potential, one of our main evaluation criteria is past performance or the quality and general sustainability of the project. we rarely compromise with project owners except to protect our followers even if we believe that adequate diversification make obsolete the assurances and privileges that only paid promoters can offer, we invest our funds and it is first of all in our interest to offer a winning diversification that does not bring losses to us and consequently to those who decide to follow us.

we hope to be helpful to those who struggle to move in a risky sector such as crypto.

⚠️ small disclaimer:

we are investors like you, we are not financial advisors and our sharing is for informational purposes only and in no way an invitation to emulation, crypto investments are risky and could lead to partial or total loss of the committed capital. invest only what you are willing to lose, do your research and evaluation and be responsible for your actions because we cannot take responsibility for your personal choices.