our portfolio, as mentioned, is mainly based on a selection of familiar administrators whose past we know and which we have already had the opportunity to analyze, we will not be risk-free but at least we will have an overview of his way of working and we could act accordingly. there are not always confirmations or certainties about the administrator and sometimes it is difficult to identify him without observing the work for a certain period, so even this information sometimes must be taken with pliers, in any case even the top admins sometimes misfires or get lazy so information although useful can be a double-edged sword, sometimes the dissemination of information about a good administrator at the start can compromise the project or be just a way to accumulate large sums in a short time and close.
to recognize an administrator it is sometimes sufficient to observe the design / scripts, plans, main supporters and the first listings, some administrators always follow the same steps, like a ritual and for those with a trained eye it can be an advantage

in the absence of information on the administration, we observe the site;
an expensive, detailed site with quality technical preparation is more likely to work than a cheap site with copied templates and texts. Detailed and simple explanations are welcome, possibly accompanied by images, videos or pdfs, in many cases a long preparation can be an indication of ambition and intention to do a good job. also observe the protection of the site in particular from Ddos attacks, duration of the domain and possibly an SSL certificate.

the plans must have a good balance between net profit and duration, it must be convenient for the administrator and also for the investor so that they can always attract new investors and maybe push the old ones to reinvest, a high net profit with a short plan it could be difficult to manage, I usually prefer projects with medium-low profits and short durations for small deposits that gradually increase both profits and duration as the amounts increase, I try to keep around 1% of net profit at day trying not to exceed 1.5% if not with familiars administrators, (for the calculation it is sufficient to divide the net profit by the duration of the plan) the platform must be sustainable and able to give profits, so if you do not know the administrator, the intelligence behind the plans could be a good point to help in the choice, then of course there are the exceptions.
the ref plan must also be balanced, personally above 5% on the first line begins to make me doubt but even here we are talking about unknown admins, gifts that are too high for low turnover should also make us think. in case of a familiar administration, look at the previous platforms.

another detail to observe is the development, try to evaluate the degree of greed of the administrator. in the initial phase the limits on the maximum deposit are welcome, the promotion should not be aggressive in order to leave space for future growth. few initial niche monitors with cheap listings make the project less visible to the masses and less attractive to what I call the rcb audience which is usually the less supportive, giving the admin the ability to plan for growth and keep the most aggressive promotion for a more advanced stage of development. Increased rcb and insurance should start when the project begins to get dated for the monitor audience.
in any case, a less monitor-centric and more targeted promotion to socials is better, a group chat helps to get feedbacks, the presence on YouTube, in search engines and perhaps a good positioning of banners in strategic points are less immediate solutions but that give better results in the long term and could be an indicator of professionalism of the administration