Today, we review a project that has been ongoing for several months and has already been featured on our channel, positioning itself among the sleepers. In other words, it falls under the category of unappealing projects that operate without advertising and without seeking attention. In the case of Asset Dev, we can say that, in line with tradition, there is nothing new. The plans are already seen and tested and, from my point of view, enjoy a rock-solid stability. Lower percentages result in higher profits for those who tie up their capital more, while for those looking to invest in the short term, profits will be reduced, ranging from a minimum of 0.2% per day for one month to a maximum of 0.5% per day for 12 months. The minimum deposit is accessible, and I don’t see any maximum limits, which leads me to think that this is the definitive version without future plan or design changes.

At the moment, we can say that there is only presence in aggregators but without sponsorship. We believe this might be the best time to enter. Personally, I recommend setting a specific amount or goal, evaluating the risks, and thinking directly in the long term. The shorter plans seem like a pointless waste of time if one doesn’t have the ability to risk large amounts.

The referral section is equally pointless, 1% on a single line, with only one cryptocurrency available, which still seems like a fitting choice. We entered without exaggeration, waiting to see developments, but the idea is to capitalize on it in the long term, hoping to have made the right choice.


🔘 0.2% up to 0.5% for 1 to 12 months
🔻 min dep $20
🔺 min pay $3
🤝 ref 1%
🔋 Tether bep20 widget for

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