Today I would like to present a relatively new project with a high level preparation aiming to become a top project. According to some research, the site would be open to investments from September even if the telegram channel has been active since summer 2022. For the moment, it is difficult to find information around the net, so it seems to me that this is still an early stage of development. fact that we are dealing with a well-known and easily recognizable team that has demonstrated its ability to work on a large scale. the site may seem complex but for the average investor everything is very simple, the plan we suggest is the “Quick Investment” plan which has a good minimum deposit and the possibility of withdrawing capital at any time, I would say that it is more than enough to enjoy the project but there are further plans, more profitable even if with “prohibitive” minimum deposits for the average investor. However it could be a good opportunity for those who have the possibility to risk big money, as the administration has shown in the past that they can handle it, it is also true that they are receiving huge deposits at the moment so it would be fair to observe the reaction to the ‘current shake they’re getting.
The preparation of the site is excellent with various distinct and separate investment options, almost like entering a different site for each plan, the same goes for the network section which has various options available that vary according to the volume of our deposit and apparently even on the plan chosen by the refs, I have not had the opportunity to investigate the network section in particular which in any case requires a lot of work to be able to see significant gains, personally I am satisfied with investing in the “Quick investment” plan which despite the lower percentages has the advantage not to tie up the capital and make compound interest, I would say more than sufficient, while for the “superior” plans it would be advisable to invest in a group so as to be able to access with lower figures and in any case be able to benefit from higher profits.

If I had to find a fly in the ointment in Terminal 7 I would say that the branding of the administration is too recognizable and has been openly heralded, there is a great general enthusiasm which obviously attracts huge deposits.

All in all we have experienced management capable of handling similar situations and an excellent product ready to reach the masses outside our industry who are eager to invest in plausible projects such as T7, the project although several months old it still has a large margin for growth and there are conditions for being one of this year’s top projects.


🔘 Quick investment
from 0.75% daily (capital back anytime)
🔻 min dep 50$

🔘 Signals (scalping)
from 1.09% daily for 8 days
🔻 min dep 1500$

🔘 Triangular arbitrage
from 1.16% daily for 11 days
🔻 min dep 2000$

🔘 Inter-exchange arbitration
from 1.29% daily for 14 days
🔻 min dep 2500$

🤝 ref 3.7% from profits
🔋 Usdt


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