Today we want to present a project that has nothing to do with HYIP except for the excellent risk reward. The project in question is a Pamm, i.e. an account where several people give capital to a trader/algorithm to manage, therefore we will be able to “copy” the operations of a professional trader or a robot without having to lift a finger or have minimal knowledge of the industry.

The service is suitable for the common hyip player, all you need is a registration with an approved kyc in the vantage fx broker, a minimum deposit of 500€ in the pamm account and the connection to the pamm in question, finished. The advantages are that the money is always withdrawable to a legal and regulated broker, the funds are managed by an algorithm programmed to operate exclusively in certain market conditions and there are no administrators motivated to shut down and run away with the money as they do not have access at funds, the trader takes 15% of the weekly profit and that is his pay for the work done.

The bot makes an average of 0.8% per day, obviously it depends on the market, sometimes it is more sometimes less, the operations take place exclusively on the EUR/USD pair, therefore stable and the strength of the bot is in identifying the point of entry, however there will be more detailed explanations of the strategy in the future.

In general, this bot has impressed us for the excellent risk / reward which certainly makes it a much better investment than the HYIPs, respectable percentages with the possibility of making compound interest and capital always at our disposal, obviously the risks must be considered, a tip could be to keep some capital available to add in case of a major drawdown, but it’s never been necessary, it’s just a precaution.

What can I say, I have personally moved my investments in this direction by significantly reducing the capital for HYIP

To start, register on vantagefx broker and verify your identity (if you’re already registered you can skip this step)

Once is done:
OPEN A PAMM ACCOUNT FOR MT4 PLATFORM, PUT EUR AS CURRENCY and VantageInternational-Live 4 as server in the “additional notes”
you will receive an email when account is approved, setup the password and then you can deposit in the account (min. 500 Eur), connect the account to the pamm at this link widget for

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