Let’s add another interesting project that I have been observing for some time but I wanted to see the development in the first round, everything is still quiet and promising, it seems to notice an important brand behind the management but it is not the fundamental point since the project enjoys excellent sustainability more some details such as bonuses based on investments, turnover and reinvestment make everything more engaging, plus the possibility to unlock vip plans. We have a chat with an active community but still low deposits and little popularity. Definitely worth keeping an eye on as long term potential


💣 start 7 2 2023

regular plans
🔘 0.6% daily for 30 days
🔘 0.8% daily for 50 days

vip plans (available when one regular plan is open)
🔘 100.5% after 1 day
🔘 100.75% after one day
🔻 min dep $10

🔺 min wit 1 USD for fiat, 1 USDT for BEP20 & BUSD, 5 USDT for TRC20, 10 USDT for ERC20, 20 TRX, 0.003 BNB and 0.01 LTC

🤝 ref 5%

🔋 EPAYCORE, USDT (TRC20, BEP20, ERC20), BUSD, LTC, TRX, BNB widget for

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