Today I introduce you to GreenWay, mlm from an experienced team with good past performance, the promotion seems to move mainly in the Russian-speaking sector with robust support from some big leaders but the project is not yet popular and still remains in a small circle of investors . The plans are stable, they tend to increase the percentages and reduce the duration as the deposit grows, it can be motivating to invest higher amounts. The network section being mlm is the most interesting part, 8 levels deep with ref com from the profits of the network, plus we have bonuses based on the turnover of the structure and our activities. The legend is actual and could bring to mind other successful platforms, stable plans even if shortening plans with large deposits is not my favorite marketing, profitable ref section for those who want to work seriously for the company, there are all the conditions for a good work.


πŸ’£ start 07 02 2023

πŸ”˜ start
0.88-0.96% per day for 169 days
πŸ”» min dep $20

πŸ”˜ popular
0.97-1.06% per day for 123 days
πŸ”» min dep $500

πŸ”˜ recommended
1.07-1.17% per day for 77 days
πŸ”»min dep $5000

πŸ”Ί $2 min wit
🀝 ref 8% 6% 4% 2% 0.8% 0.6% 0.4% 0.2% (from network profits)

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