Here is a promising project for the long term and from experienced administration. Nothing innovative but it seems rather ambitious, Element 5 is an investment suitable for everyone, with moderate plans for a long work and a network section that starts light to become (based on turnover) a real gold mine for the active leaders, with an increase in refs and cash bonuses.
The start in our market is completely absent, the first investors are familiarizing with the project and there are no paid listings, the actual marketing is starting now with a whole series of promises about future developments and the hinted presence at a conference in Milan at high fashion showrooms. Considering that the business is based on the sale of jewelry it is evident that the work is outside our sector and that the audience will be ordinary people with good budgets to invest.
Element 5 is an investment that relies on a real business with the possibility of physically interacting with the investment, for purchases starting from $ 1000 it is possible to take advantage of home delivery (stone delivery only). products can be exchanged in physical stores or Shopping tours.
The first store will be opened in Panama but there will be several shopping tours around the world, conferences etc … I expect an excellent expansion, you can already receive telephone assistance from 7 countries and even the presence in social networks is well covered. In short, we have an excellent product with great potential and a team proven over the years that develops smoothly over the long term, the investment plans are also suitable for those without a network and there are good incentives for reinvestments.

the recipe is well tested and has given excellent results in the past, however my advice is not to delay in choosing whether to enter or not and quickly reach the desired investment amount


πŸ’£ start 11 09 2022

MOISSANITE (only suggested plan)
β€’Start Package
πŸ”˜ 5% per weekly
β€’Standard Package
πŸ”˜ 30% monthly

♻️ balance package (reinvest from balance)
πŸ”˜ 5% weekly
πŸ”˜ 34% per month

πŸ”» min dep 100$
πŸ”Ί min wit Usdt trc20 – 10$ , DOGE – 50$ , DASH – 50$ , USD coin – 50$ , Usdt erc20 – 100$ , BTC – 100$, ETH – 100$ , LTC – 100$

🀝 ref from 5%
πŸ”‹ USDT trc20, DOGE, DASH, USD coin, USDT erc20, BTC, ETH, LTC


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