Today I introduce you Con Technology, a project that is gradually making its way into the market without noise or top listings, there are some good feedbacks and also the smooth way of working with gradual promotion increase would make you think a professional who knows how to control the cash flow and extend the promotion.
The site is the classic old school Hyip that aims at substance, the plans are suitable for medium-term work with an hourly plan lasting one day and a daily plan that pays 2.1% per day for 10 days which is profitable and at the same time same time, the plans (especially the hourly one) have interesting limits both on the number of deposits allowed and on the maximum deposit; the ref section also give little for small deposits and increases with the growth of deposits but pays only from the first line so here too we have some limits, I add that there are fees on withdrawals of some cryptocurrencies and all in all it is perceived an intention to make the project sustainable and potentially profitable for the medium to long term. We personally like the structure of the plans, the refs and the gradual purchase of advertising without excessive expenses, we are dealing with an administrator who knows this job well and knows how to work smoothly, let’s see how development will follow in the next few days, one cycle is over and we still have ample room for growth


🔘 4.21% hourly for 24 hours (101.04% principal included)
🔘 2.1% per day for 10 days (21% equity back)
🔻 dep min $20

🔺 minimum withdrawal 0.1 for ePayCore, $50 for BTC/ETH, $10 for everything else
⚠️ Some currencies have a withdrawal fee.
Dogecoin 1% – Tron 1% – Bitcoin 2% – Ethereum 2% – Litecoin 1% – Tether TRC20 2% – Tether BEP20 2%, BNB 1%.

🤝 ref 1% up to 10% based on deposited amount
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