today we present an interesting quality piggy bank with a nod to the most enterprising leaders and which favors those who support the project, every 15 days the percentage increases and reduces the fee on capital withdrawal, we start from 0.6% per day with 15% of fees on capital withdrawal up to a maximum of 1.2% per day and a 5% fee on capital withdrawal, the plan is lifetime and sustainable, the ref section pays from the profits of the structure and provides for a progression based on personal investment and team turnover, however it is not exactly easy to access. There are listings on the monitors that show a desire to appear, however there is no particular rush in the development, the beginning was silent and with a development by leaders. As for the management, we have an experienced team here with several successful projects behind them and who would know how to work in the long term.

At the moment we can take a position with a minimum deposit of $200, which does not seem within everyone’s reach and the minimum withdrawal is also high, these choices make it stable but unattractive for an average investor, if you decide to enter it is better to think in the long term and be aware of the choice made, however, after about two months from departure we still have the potential for a good profit. good luck to all of us.


🔘 from 0.6% per day,
every 15 days the daily percentage increases by 0.1% up to a maximum of 1.2% (withdrawal fee from 15% up to 5% after 90 days)
🔻 min dep 200$

🔺 min pay 20$
🤝 ref 5% 0.8% 0.6% 0.4% on partner income
🔋 Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Tether, Tron widget for

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